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January 27, 2010

I am a software developer with umpteen years of working in exotic fields ranging from real time applications to database systems. I started ‘proper’ programming on the PDP DEC 11 computers as well as the BBC Acorn home computer. Before that, I dabbled with writing applications on Sinclair ZX81, Apple II and the ICL2900 (Edinburgh University) behemoth.
After being employed by organizations such as Marconi Instruments, COMRO/CSIR for several years, I flirted with running my own software development business in South Africa before returning to the UK.
In the past, I have written several articles for Delphi Informant, Visual Developer, and The Delphi Magazine. I also contributed to three books on Delphi programming.
Now I am working for a UK government agency that is developing a database system using WebMethods and Oracle.